Q: Why won’t my device turn on?
Make sure your tablet has been charged for at least four hours prior to use. When plugging in the cable, make sure you are not accidentally plugging it into the headphone jack. Also, the power button is on the side (for tablets) and not the one on the front of the touchscreen. The button on the front is for navigation.

Q: Why won’t this unit connect to wifi?
First, make sure you can see your wireless router from your unit at your location. Depending on the version of Android, this will either be under Settings->Wifi or Settings->Wireless & Networks->Wifi Settings. From here you should see the SSID (name) of your router.

Tap on the name of your router and make sure it reflects either WPA or an open network.

If the network is open you should be able to immediately connect.
If WEP is in use you will need to reconfigure the router as WEP is not supported since it is notoriously insecure. If your router is provided by your Internet provider your best bet is to call their tech support to adjust this setting and get a new password. Otherwise you may need to find your router manual or go online and find a digitized copy of the manual, login as administrator, and make the network WPA.
If WPA is in use, you will be prompted for your password. We suggest you tap on the “Show Password” checkbox so you can see your characters as you input them. Note passwords are case sensitive and WPA passwords are a minimum of eight characters. If you don’t know your password, sometimes your router will have a label on the device itself with “Key” or something similar listed. Otherwise, you may need to administer your router or contact your Internet Service Provider.

Once the tablet is connecting, you will get a brief message of &”Obtaining IP Address. This means the unit is on the network and you are good to go. However, if you receive “Authentication Error” or the unit just keeps trying to connect and failing, this means the password is incorrect.

If you do not see your network, or if the connection is intermittent, you may need to power cycle your router. This basically means unplugging the router for about 10 seconds and then powering it back up. This actually solves the vast majority of peoples connectivity problems. If you still cannot get connected, its a good idea to take the unit with you while running errands and see if you can connect to free hotspotssuch as coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, etc to verify the wireless component is operation and to verify that it is an issue with your network and not the unit.

Lastly, make sure you havent accidentally checked Ethernet. If Ethernet is checked, it must be disabled for Wireless, and visa-versa.

Q: Why won’t this unit connect to Ethernet?
Assuming your unit does have the RJ45 port, you want to make sure that Wireless is turned off. If wifi is on, it will negate the Ethernet connection.

Q: Why does my unit have scratches/bubbles on the screen?
These units ship with a very fine plastic film to protect the item in transit. This film is intended to be removed prior to use. Sometimes this takes a strong fingernail or some similar item to peel it off.

Q: Should I perform a Firmware Update?
Not necessarily. This is actually intended if obscure issues with the tablet occur. Unless you are having issues with the tablet which a Factory Data Reset has not resolved, it is not advised that you perform this step.

However, if you are sure you wish to attempt this procedure, please visit the following link for available firmware downloads and the instructions on how to perform the update:

Q: Why don’t I see a firmware version for my model?
We are always working on providing the latest and best firmware for all of our devices. If you don’t see your specific model listed, please check back soon.

Q: How do I perform a Factory Data Reset?
Depending on the Android version, this will either be under Settings->Privacy or Settings->Backup & Reset. This will wipe all personal data from the device. This also quite often resolves issues with the unit not working properly.

Q: How do I perform a hard reset?
Most of the tablets have a small reset button of pinhole on the side or back of the unit. This will reset the device if it is frozen. Optionally pressing the power button in for a few seconds should work as well.

Q: Why is my tablet stuck at boot up, and the Android screen will not go away?
Please see above: Should I perform a Firmware Update?

Q: Why is my screen showing a bunch of plus signs?
This is actually the screen calibration which must be performed after a Factory Data Reset. We suggest you put the tablet down on a desk, and then very precisely tap on each of the symbols/registration marks so that the tablet will be recalibrated. Note this can be a very finicky process and if it fails it will take you back to the beginning of the calibration procedure. Once it is successful you can get to the home