How will Retina Screen change the displaying world?

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January 13, 2018
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Retina Screen:How  will Retina  Screen change the displaying world?

Retina screen ,With the introduction of the Apple notebook with a retina screen, the retina screen has once again entered our field of vision. Retina screen is a display with high resolution. Its excellent visual appeal attracts many people.

While fans are ready to get started, WordPress and Gravatar are also preparing for web page upgrades and preparing for everyone’s high-resolution screen.

WordPress is the most popular blog program in the world. Gravatar means the global avatar. If you upload your avatar to Gravatar’s server, any blog or guestbook supporting Gravatar will display your avatar. Here’s what Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, said:

All of our websites have updated the compatibility of new icons and pictures, hand-made yo (you can go to the Apple Store Search to see the new icon, but first warned you read I am afraid I do not want to see The icon of yo).

All blogs developed with WordPress already support high-resolution images. After some hard work, we changed all the pictures. Now if you upload a high-resolution picture and make it smaller, we will magnify this picture by a factor of a few to make the picture look very delicate I think you have started to experience the changes brought about by the retina.

Matt also said that Gravatar has been updated and prepared accordingly.

By the way: If you are a Jetpack user, you can experience the next change in your WordPress blog!

Gravatar’s update also supports Apple’s new retina display, and to experience it, upload a larger one now. Gravatar now supports a large image of 2048 pixels, and supports all devices, whether your device has a retina screen or not.

The WordPress move has led to the popularity of retina web pages and the development of retina web pages. Devices that have a retinal screen are more expensive now, but they also pave the way for the popularity and promotion of retinal screen devices. Domestic websites, we also need hands-on, join the retinal wave.

Also some mobile devices can run the wordpress platform website ,that is good for retina,for that will get good performance on the mobile devices.If you want to get a good mobile device manufactory ,you can contact us for help and support .

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